Crumb Coat Cakes: Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty Cake

Every year my husband requests pie instead of cake for his birthday. So this year, like her daddy, my 5 year old wanted a birthday pie (pumpkin to be exact) instead of a birthday cake. Yep, same kid that wanted cheese and crackers instead of cupcakes (re: Marshmallow Pops post). So you're probably wondering why there's a picture of a Hello Kitty Cake above, right? Well, she got her pumpkin pie...but after getting a guilt trip from my hubby (the pie man himself), I made her a cake. 

I know my last two posts make me out to be some kind of cake bully, but I'm not. Really, I'm not! After the whole cupcakes vs. crackers incident, I was more than happy to leave well enough alone. Pumpkin pie sounded good to me! Until..."Wow!? I can't believe you're not making her a cake?" 

With the help of a Hello Kitty cake pan, some leftover fondant, and Sylvia Weinstock's vanilla cake recipe I got it done.  

I'm glad I did, and so was she!



  1. Beautiful cake! Don't ya just LOVE it when hubs gives their two cents and lays on the guilt?!

  2. Gorgeous guilt cake! Bet the pumpkin pie was good too!


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