Crumb Coat Cakes: La La LaLa Elmo's World

Anyone remember Lazy Lamby cake? Well, sweet Charlotte turned 2 last week. And this year, Elmo is her man of the hour.

Simple request really...cake for 50, Elmo himself had to be vanilla, everything else at my discretion. Yay, I love "my discretion"!

I happen to know that Charlotte's mom is a bit of a chocoholic, so I decided to keep it simple and stick with a vanilla/chocolate combo (it was a kids party after all).

So here you have it...

Top Elmo layer: Sylvia Weinstock's Vanilla Cake, my go to vanilla cake recipe (no really, this is it! Search no more!), decorated in vanilla buttercream. 

Base layer: chocolate cake (try the Hershey's recipe, never fails!), filled with chocolate buttercream, and covered in Fondarific for a smoother finish.

Some finishing touches...





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