Kailey, her Dream Cake, and an Icing Smile

Kailey and Me
Meet Kailey. In 2007, she was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia. After 2 unsuccessful treatments, Kailey received a cord blood transplant, and just this past weekend she reached a huge milestone. Kailey celebrated her one year anniversary of the transplant, and has had all restrictions lifted. (Except, according to Kailey's mom, for tattoos. She'll need a few vaccines first.) Yay Kailey, life is good!

It was a call to action by Icing Smiles, a non-profit organization that provides custom celebration cakes to  families impacted by critical illness of a child, which allowed me the opportunity to meet Kailey and her family while providing a dream cake for her anniversary celebration.

"After every storm comes a rainbow." Literally!

Just as I was preparing for the cake delivery, a storm passed through, bringing thunder and heavy downpours. The worst part was that the party was being held outdoors. Kailey had requested flowers, butterflies, peace signs and a rainbow for her dream cake. And thanks to my dad (and a giant golf umbrella), that's exactly what she got. Cake arrived safe and sound, skies cleared, and they partied well in to the night. Thank you Icing Smiles! Together, we provided yet another icing smile.

The making of Kailey's dream cake...


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Icing Smiles - Call to Action


  1. How cool!! Yeah for Kailey, love when you can actually hear a happy story!

  2. How cute!! Kailey is one lucky girl, you did a fantastic job!! :)

  3. wow, I am very happy for Kailey..congrats on the milestone!
    Your cake look incredible..any kids dream!!!

  4. What an awesome reason to make a fantastic cake. It looks absolutely wonderful.

  5. You brought the rainbow to her special day. The cake looks beautiful and we are all so happy for Kailey!

  6. What a sweet thing to do for her! The cake looks gorgeous :)


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