Crumb Coat Cakes: American Girl Doll

As of lately, time is the enemy! I'm hoping, however, that time and I can mend our ways. And I'm hoping to make amends soon...very, very soon! 

We've had quite a few changes around here. In addition to potty training my youngest and the continued bliss of nurturing a moody spirited teenager, 3 out of my 4 kids have begun a new adventure. New schools and new experiences, not to mention the new/old sports and activities that come with this time of year (ballet, gymnastics, football, CCD, voice lessons, auditions, etc). I know, I know...blah, blah, blah! We're all in the same boat. Busy, busy busy! 

So how does my sob story correlate with my latest cake creation you ask? Well due my recent lack of time (and patience, I must admit), I cheated.  :(  I typically pride myself on the fact that each and every element of my cakes are 100% edible. But this time, that wasn't the case.

The plan was to mold a miniature version of the birthday girl's own American Girl doll out of fondant and have her sitting on top of the cake. But, due to said circumstances (see above), she just wasn't coming out as planned. So...I resorted to a doll pick, leaving only her outfit, legs, and boots as edible elements. As for the placement, she was strategically positioned for a quick and easy removal. If by chance, the birthday girl/mom of the birthday girl didn't like her, with a quick wipe of the board no one would ever know she existed. I think, however, she made the cut.



  1. Gorgeous cake! Even if you the doll isn't 100% edible, I am impressed!

  2. I think you did a fantastic job, even it the doll wasn't fully edible. Four kids, wow. I am completely tapped out at 3!

  3. That is a cute and gorgeous cake, looks nicely done.

  4. This is a great cake! Another possible shortcut would be to use one of the new American Girl mini dolls. I've seen other people use those on cakes.

  5. @Shari
    Great idea! I think she should try that sometime if she gets a order like that, I know that I would want something like that. I'm 11 going on 12 and have 3 AG's Rebecca, Julie, and Kanani. I American Girl things, and love this cake if you used a mini AG it would be a present to get a mini doll. How much is you cakes? (P.S. I would want Just like you w/ short curly hair and freckles and blue eyes, hopefuly my next doll!)

  6. (I <3 American Girl things,)

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