Well, Hello There!

Happy new year friends! It’s been awhile! A long while!

Ok, so I waffled over what my big comeback post would be… it is a new year right?! This has to be big! And I do owe you, ummm, about 6 years of Happy New Year posts. Yikes!

New Year, New You! - Nope. I like you just the way you are!

Happy, Healthy New Year! - Nope. I mean yes, embrace a healthy lifestyle! I did (sorta, kinda… more on that later). But I post treats people, lots and lots of treats!

2019, A Year For Change - Nope. But change is good and change is inevitable, even right here on the blog… stay tuned!

I finally settled on…

That’s right… Do More of What Makes You Happy!

If that means reinventing yourself, do it! If that means living a healthier lifestyle, do it! If that means returning from a several year hiatus to write a blog that people may or may not care about, do it! Whatever it means for you, just do it!

Hope you’ll visit now and again. Happy 2019!



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