Carvel Who?

1st snowstorm of the year calls for an ice cream cake, doesn't it?

Ok, well not exactly. More like a birthday boy (who happens to like ice cream cake) and a cancelled flight due to the snowstorm. Not only did we miss out on our visit, we were also left with a birthday cake to tend to (by tend to, I mean eat of course). Tough week...

Don't get me wrong, when it comes to ice cream cake, I like Carvel just as much as the next guy.  And if you're local to the Lehigh Valley, the ice cream cakes at The Bethlehem Dairy Store (aka The Cup) are no joke either! making it myself, I had something to blog about.

The layers speak for themselves (fyi...he's a vanilla kind of guy)...


Now, I said I made the ice cream cake, not the ice cream. Breyers was my brand of choice, along with Cool Whip, store bought caramel topping and cookies....assembly required!

I considered a cookies and cream crunch layer, but decided to keep with the traditional chocolate cookie crunch. So instead of running out to buy plain chocolate wafers, I scraped the cream out of the Oreos that I had on hand. No worries, my kids were in heaven. You've all heard of double stuffed Oreos, well my guys were quadruple stuffing theirs. And with no food processor on hand, I took out some aggression by crushing the cookies with the end of a rolling pin. Aaah!

Last but not least, I'll let you in on a little scoop (no pun intended). Somewhere, some time ago, I read about Carvel's secret to their chocolate crunchies...a coating of an ice cream topping similar to Magic Shell. Top secret?? I guess not, considering it's all over the internet.

Ice Cream Cake
2 half gallons of ice cream
chocolate wafer cookies
Magic Shell ice cream topping
caramel topping
Cool Whip

Allow 1 half gallon of ice cream per layer to soften (not melt) and stir until smooth, folding in any additions at this point (ie: chopped candy, nuts, etc). Spread bottom layer into 9" springform pan. Place in freezer.

Crush cookies. Add the Magic Shell to the cookies crumbs slowly and just until coated. Spread cookie crunch over bottom layer. Place in freezer.

Add top layer of ice cream. Place in freezer. Spread layer of caramel topping over top layer. Place in freezer. Once cake is completely frozen, remove outer ring of springform pan. Place in freezer.

Ice cake with Cool Whip. Place in freezer. Decorate as desired.

If you haven't figured it out by my repetition of "Place in freezer.", it's important to return the cake to the freezer between steps allowing each layer to set.



  1. Ha! We make one just like this! Except we don't use any caramel. Was this for your brother's birthday? Looks delicious!

  2. That looks do delicious and cute! I made my son an ice cream cake over the summer for his birthday and it was so much fun!

  3. Hey! Is that my yellow bowl from the 1970's?

  4. Tina, yes, it was for Chris. Annie, it was most fun to eat! And Anonymous...I'm not sure I know what you're talking about. ;)

  5. Oh yum yum yum! It could be my birthday today for that cake! hehe...And in California it's never too cold for ice cream!


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