My Cheatin' Heart Chocolate Chip

"Really, aren't you going to make chocolate chip?"

Seriously? After 2 days of rolling kiffles, this is what I get? Not to mention the shopping, the cleaning, and come on people, these presents aren't gonna wrap themselves!

The guilt got the best of me, my hubby wants chocolate chip, my hubby will get chocolate chip.

But you see, I have another cookie recipe waiting to be baked by tomorrow, as well as another very special treat that needs my attention (be sure to check back next week).

Priorities right?

And frankly, chocolate chip bore me. Don't get me wrong, they are absolutely delicious, but there are so many other recipes to I cheated.


All of you bakers out there... please forgive me. All of you busy moms...high fives all around!

Thank you Nestle Toll House!

Question is, do I fess up? Hmmm???

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!



  1. Geez I bought 2 packages to make for Tom. Guess I'll freeze mine for next year.

  2. Ha ha this is so funny. I spent all day baking with a friend on Sunday only to get home and have my husband ask if we made any chocolate chip. We didn't make chocolate chip.

  3. No fessing up! If he liked them and didn't ask, you don't tell :)


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