Teaser Post

Ever have one of those weeks? Or two? Seems they're coming more frequently for me these days...not bad, just busy! Very, very busy!!

With birthdays (March was filled with them), sports (my son plays too many), day trips (some work, some play), laundry (oh, so much laundry), a photo shoot (you'll have to wait for more on that...just praying for no crow's feet or double chins), lots of baking (of course), and best of all a visiting Grandma (hereinafter referred to as Vovó) from Portugal, who has time to blog??!!

Well...I'll find the time! Who needs sleep? But for now, here's a little something to look forward to (in no particular order)...

~ Aletria:Portuguese Noodle Pudding (inspired by, you guessed it, Vovó)
~ Chocolate Mocha Minis
~ Crumb Coat Cakes: Going Bananas, Again (including the "Best Ever Banana Cake" recipe)
~ Rice Krispie Treat Fun

Stay tuned! And remember, things can get crazy sometimes... 

So, when life hands you lemons, just whip up a batch of Lemon Meringue Cupcakes and...



  1. Oh girl you have been busy..hope you get some rest:) I can't wait for your next post!!!

  2. That banana cake?? must be my birthday treat. I always have banana cake on my birthday. Will it look like Chewby? or a monkey? Devin's monkey cake was just too cute.

  3. I like my banana cake with nuts. Otherwise known as banana nut cake. My birthday is in August- surprise me!!!

  4. Jeesh, I here ya! Sometimes I just need to prioritize from time to time. Can't wait to see those recipes though!

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